Hi! I am a computational social scientist excited by the future of economics, urbanism, and education. I am curious about how networks of people function and change, which guides my interest in institutional design. Currently, I am a fellow at CEEALAR studying political and economic models for participatory and self-governing social systems.

I received my bachelor's degree in Data Science and Geospatial Analytics at George Mason University in August 2021. At Mason, I studied simulation under advisor Robert Axtell, a pioneer in the field of agent-based computing. My coursework was in statistical learning and geographic information systems (GIS). Before returning to school, I worked as a software engineer in the financial technology industry.

Good engineering and clear communication are important to me. I like working as a translator between practitioners of different disciplines. I spoke at the :ClojureD 2020 conference about modeling and visualizing U.S. youth voter registration. I write software using Clojure(Script), R, Javascript, Java, C#, QGIS/ArcGIS, HTML/CSS, Netlogo, Bash, Git, and AWS.

Before working as a software engineer, I studied political science and dance at Oberlin College. Before that, I attended General Assembly's Web Development Immersive bootcamp. In my free time I enjoy painting, making music, and performance art.